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夏瑄澧 Sherry Hsia

​Founder CEO of Baiyan Global Consulting

Director at Women on Boards Taiwan (WOB)

Experience & Education

Business collaboration



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In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world. Sherry saw this as an opportunity for mankind to make transformational changes. She started the Baiyan Global Consulting company in hopes to Inspire, encourage, facilitate learning and growth in individuals and organizations and to help create a world where different types of people can feel thrive and feel accepted.

Sherry was born and raised in Taiwan. She moved to Australia with her family after 7th grade, and later traveled to New York city of United States for her bachelor’s degree. After college graduation, she continued to live and work in United States until the expiration of her work visa. She now resides in Taiwan with her family. Growing up in different countries has shaped her world view and motivated her to gain deeper understandings of different cultures and to promote intercultural competency. As part of her lifelong learning, she went back to school for an Executive master’s program in Change leadership in her mid-forties. The learning of the program inspired her to pivot once more in her career to become an executive coach for women leaders and to provide diversity and inclusion training and workshops.

Sherry joined Hal Riney & Partners in 1996 (later became Publicis & Hal Riney) as a media assistant and rose to media supervisor in seven years. In 2003, she returned to her home country and founded Byte-In Integrated Marketing to promote talents and products specifically in the hospitality industry. The main services include Marketing & Event Planning, Employer Brand Building, and Recruitment. The experience of recruiting talents led her to explore the idea of training and education. In 2015, she joined Kai Ping Culinary School to build the International Bridge Program. The program gained recognition from the local government and schools in Europe and United States. In 2018, Sherry was invited to be a regular guest writer for the Jenaplan Education Association in Holland.


  • Founder of Baiyan Global Consulting Ltd.

  • Corporate Mentor at WOB Academy

  • Founder/Host of the "Sherry’s Notes" YouTube channel

  • Co-Founder of curaJOY

  • Founder of Byte-In Integrated Marketing

  • Executive Consultant for Kai Ping Culinary School 

  • Vice Chairperson of Young Talent Division

  • Vice President of Barnard College of Columbia University Alumni Club in Taiwan

  • Author of 《MBTI: Me and My User Guide》



Columbia University Teachers College

  • Executive Master’s Program In Change Leadership

  • Applied Change Project topic: Short-Term Study Abroad

       Program and the Development of Intercultural Sensitivity

       in Taiwan’s Secondary School Students​

Barnard College of Columbia University

  • B.A in Psychology & Sociology

  • Thesis topic: Ethnographic Study of Asian Battered Women in America

Licenses & Certifications

  • Hogan Advance Interpretation Certified

  • Myers-Briggs Certified

  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Certified

QS Certificate of Completion_S. Hsia_1.j
證書_工作區域 1.jpg
  • Speech: American Express Taiwan -《Self-awareness: Relationships and communication》

  • 台灣女董事協會 女董學院 (WOB Academy) - 第二屆女性菁英領導人培訓專案 企業導師

  • ​​報導:專訪夏瑄澧:穿越 MBTI,真正抵達自己 - 非常木蘭

  • Speech: Google Taiwan Women Month -《Embrace Failure and Diversity, My journey with imposter syndrome》

  • Speech: Invesco Ltd. -《Break the Bias》 (International Women’s Day 2022)

  • Speech: Global Federation of Chinese Business Women 華董分會 -《MBTI & The Challenges Faced By Women In The Workplace》

  • Speech: Wooman Power -《Courage》

  • Speech: Invesco Ltd. -《Igniting Inclusivity: Greater Possibilities Together》

  • Speech: 代表台灣女董事協會 (WOB) 出席 First Women-Only virtual business mission to Taiwan panel organized by Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. 《Culture shock, Imposter Syndrome and other challenges I faced living in Taiwan》

  • 代表台灣女董事協會 (WOB) 出席 GSA power to change the World III - Entrepreneurship 擔任與談人

And more...



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